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My grey seal from Lundy stars in the Telegraph 'Picture of the Day' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/picturesoftheday/8791469/Pictures-of-the-day-27-September-2011.html?image=3

Lundy seals make The Mail Online: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2042421/Its-mans-best-finned-The-playful-seal-thinks-puppy.html

Tope picture awarded Highly Commended in the BWPA Awards: http://www.bwpawards.org/page/2011_winner_coast_and_marine

Underwater Excellence

Bottlenose Dolphins in the Red Sea
Nikon D300S with a 16mm lens

Bottlenose dolphins - During a northern Red Sea safari on Emperor Superior during July we had an amazing hour in the water just off the back of the boat with two bottlenose dolphins. We were moored up in Abu Nuhas when the two dolphins appeared. Most of the guests including myself jumped in the water with them. The dolphins really wanted to play and they zipped around in the water in and out of the array of snorkellers and divers. What struck me most about the encounter was how tender they were with each other. After each burst of play they swam back together and touched each other gently with their flippers as if to ensure that their playmate was ok

A baby loggerhead turtle taken in the Bahamas
Nikon D300S with a 16mm lens

Loggerhead turtle – In February this year I returned to Florida’s West Palm Beach to join another trip with Jim Abernethy. Although the focus of the trip was sharks Jim works closely with the Florida Atlantic University where they have been researching sex ratios of hatchling turtles. You can imagine my excitement when he picked me up at the airport with an esky in the back of the pickup housing baby greens and baby loggerheads. Greens and loggerheads require weed-lines, mostly sargassum – floating seaweed that provides a miniature ecosystem providing food and protection for a few years and Jim’s expertise means he finds the best sites for release, giving the baby turtles their best chances of survival. As the baby turtles were lowered gently into the water we had a few minutes to take their photos before they swam off to their new lives in the wild.

Whip Gobies taken in Manado
Nikon D300S with a 60mm lens

Whip Gobies – I’ve always had a soft spot for a whip goby and so was very excited when on a trip to Manado in April this year to find a beautiful whip with several gobies in situ. My intention was to try and get two gobies sharp in the frame but as most photographers know these little guys have a tendency to dance around up and down the whip quite quickly. So if you looked at my raw files you would find quite a few pictures with one and a half gobies before I managed to get this one.

The Lembeh Straits 2010

The Lembeh Strait is known to many as "the muck diving capital of the world". Lembeh Island is located at the northeastern tip of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The Lembeh Strait is a body of water that separates the island from the mainland. It’s not surprising that the area has become a must dive mecca for macro photographers as it not only sits within the coral triangle – the global epicenter of marine biodiversity, but is also part of Wallacea - a biogeographical designation for Sulawesi and several other Indonesian islands that are separated by deep water straits from the Asian and Australian continental shelves resulting in a mixture of both Asian and Australasian species.

My intention when I visited the region in April of this year was to capture the beauty and essence of the unusual creatures that live there. I had seen an array of photographs from several influential underwater photographers before I set off and although there are some superb animals to photograph the backgrounds are not always quite as pleasing. Many of the unique aquatic species seek refuge in rubbish as much of the strait is littered with bottles, cans and plastic. Then with a bottom composition of dirty volcanic sand striking images are slightly more difficult to achieve than on a colourful coral reef. I had seen some photographs by Michael Aw and David Doubilet where they had used sheets of coloured plastic placed behind or beneath their subjects in order to isolate them from the muddled backdrop. Although I was also keen to loose the jumbled backgrounds I decided that I would prefer to use more natural methods and I opted to make as much use as possible of negative space by shooting up into the water column when possible and for the bottom dwellers I chose very shallow depths of field.

To see a portfolio of pictures click here:

Front cover on Offshore

Bahamas trip on the Shearwater

April 2009

I've just returned from a Jim Abernethy trip to dive with tiger sharks in the Bahamas. It is probably the most awsome trip that I have ever done. It was amazing to see so many beautiful sharks, which is certainly an unusual sight nowadays with the frightening speed that they are being fished out for their fins. Even at these dive sites many of the sharks had hooks and lines hanging from their mouths. Let's hope that some kind of protection will be agreed to protect these beautiful animals.

I was also incredibly honoured on the trip when Jim named a new tiger shark that was identified for the first time after me. So there's now a tiger shark in the Bahamas called Jane.. how cool is that. Here are a couple of pictures. Click here for the full gallery

Dive Magazine cover

April 2009 issue

Dive guide from Oxygene dive center swims to the boat in the crystal clear waters of Malta.

The Times magazine

13 December 2008 issue

Six pages of my images appeared in The Times Saturday magazine this Saturday. In September 2008 I travelled to Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel with the Times Ocean Correspondent, Frank Pope and accompanied by some people from WWF. The article
was to highlight the need for more marine reserves in the UK. The article (without photos) can be read on Times Online.

Dive Magazine cover

January 2009 issue

At noon each day when the sun is shining an incredible ray of light pours into this cave system in Cape Verde
. The model is Thomas from Orca divers in Cape Verde.


One of my grey seals from the Farne Islands is now starring on the flap of the new BSAC Dive in a Box. I am also one of the featured photographers supplying photographs for the new BSAC website: www.bsac.com

Dive Magazine cover

December 2008 issue

Charlotte Boan hiding in the reeds at Little Arthur divesite in the Scillies.

DIVE The Ultimate Guide

November 2008 launch


DIVE The Ultimate Guide has been updated with some new chapters and pictures. I supplied words and photos for Jardines de la Reina in Cuba as well as some pictures for other parts of the book. It is now available on Amazon.

Divers Down Swanage

New logo for their van

The grey seal does it again.. he's on their van too.

Bite Back Ball

October 2008

A great time was had by all and lots of money was raised to help save the sharks. This is myself, Graham Buckingham (Bite Back founder), Charlotte Boan and John McIntyre. Charlotte won a full set of Scubapro gear which she gave back for auction to make more money. I won a diver medic course with the London Diving Chamber in the auction.

Charlie Brown's medals

August 2008

After war hero Charlie Brown lost his medals in the river Thames, the Teddington lifeboat got involved and send crew member, JP, down to dive in the area where they were lost. Luckily they were found within minutes and the BBC, ITV amongst others were there to record the moment. I was the photographer and meda organiser for the day.

Dive Magazine cover

July 2008 issue

Arrow crabs has such personality. This one was taken on a trip to Los Gigantes in Tenerife.

Dive Magazine cover

November 2007 issue

The dive guide Wafaa, from our recent Kawarty trip is the cover girl on the November issue. The picture was taken on the wreck of the Numidia on Big Brother.

Dive Magazine cover

October 2007 issue

Following a fascinating trip to Cuba the full report can be read in this months edition of DIVE magazine. There is some spectacular diving to be found particularly in the Gardens of the Queen.

Not my front cover, but 5 of the little ones are. We had a fantastic party for the 100th issue at the Hadaba bar in Plymouth thanks to blue o two.

Kawarty trip to BDE

The trip on Kawarty II was great fun due to such a cool bunch of people. Although things were a little rough around the marine park islands the trip was still very productive with one of the highlights being the oceanic whitetips at Elphinstone and a very inquisitive napoleon wrasse at the Brothers. Trip photos to follow.....

M2 Anniversary

August 2007

I spent a very moving day in Weymouth for the 75th anniversary of the M2 aircraft launching submarine that sunk with the loss of 60 souls. An ensign had been attached to the wreck and a family member of one of the crew dropped a wreath over the dive site. Pictures and report will be in the November edition of DIVE magazine.

Wedding of the year

June 2007

It was wonderful to see Alan James and Heather Hammond (of Alan James Photography) tie the knot this month in a lovely ceremony in Bristol. The whole set of wedding pics can be seen here.

Cover girl

June 2007

I've had a few of my own pictures on the front cover of DIVE magazine in the past but this is the first time that I've actually appeared on it.

Grey seal back in the limelight

June 2007

My little grey seal is back in the limelight as he clinches a first in this months Wetpixel competition. He must be one of the most famous or certainly the most published seal in the UK :-)

MALTA 2007

May 2007

I had a fantastic trip to Malta this month courtesy of Tony Backhurst, Oxygene Dive Centre and The Fortina Spa Hotel. The quality of the diving was superb with a great mix of wide angle wrecks and caves and complimented with some great macro. A full trip report was in the September issue of DIVE magazine. Read here.


May 2007

This month my grey seal pictures taken in Lundy made both the front and inside covers of the
BSAC GO DIVING! UK dvd. Oh and that's my fin too :-)

Dive Red Sea - The Ultimate Guide

March 2007

I was really excited to see the launch of Dive Red Sea this month which was written by Simon Rogerson and John McIntyre and includes over 30 of my photos. The book covers all eight countries bordering the Red Sea and is the most comprehensive guide ever written. You can see some sample pages of the book here or buy direct from Amazon here.

Dive Magazine cover

January 2007 issue

Runner-up for Wrecks

I was runner-up in www.underwaterphotograhy.com's 2006 photo competition in the wrecks category and won my first ever virtual medal :-) Picture here.

Steaming to Sudan

I spent a lovely Christmas and New Year on the first liveaboard for many years to sail from Port Galeb in southern Egypt down into the Sudan.

The Royal Evolution is a stunning boat and you can read all about the trip on DIVE magazine's website.

Grey seal goes International

Since winning Antibes my grey seal has turned up in numerous publicaions. He has reached the other side of the world - featured in 'Incredible Images' in Scuba Diver Australasia and even graced the stylish pages of Vanity Fair Italia :-)

Dive Magazine cover

December 2006 issue

Dive Photo Guide

This week my portfolio was the 69th to be added to the prestigious gallery on www.divephotoguide.com. It's great to see my pictures displayed amongst so many world-class photographers.

Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous Marine
Antibes, France

I was absolutely delighted to win the gold prize (Plongeur D'Or) for black and white prints at Antibes for a shot of a grey seal taken in the Farne Islands. The Brits dominated this category with Alex Mustard being awarded the Plongeur D'Argent for a shot of stingrays at sunset.

It's nice to see a shot taken in British waters winning an International competition.`

International Underwater Photography Competition, Sardinia

29th - 30th September, 2006

I revisited Sardinia this year, joining Alex Mustard on the panel of judges for the annual underwater photography competition in Sardinia. The weekend was a great success. We had stunning weather for the weekend and dived fantastic sites. As an elected member of the reef police (ensuring that entrants were not touching the reef), I didn't have a lot of time for my own photos, but you can see the latest Sardinia gallery here. A full write-up on the competiion will appear in DIVE magazine in the new year.

BSAC Travel Club
Winner - August 2006

My inquisitive seal shot has made first placein August's BSAC Travel Club compeition. Diving with seals is probably the most fun I have ever had underwater. This particular picture was taken in Lundy. Full details of how to enter and previous winners can be found here: BSAC Travel Club

Humerous Success
BSoUP and St Abbs Splash-ins

For the first time everI had some success with my humerous images at this years splash-ins. For the BSoUP Splash in I came thrid with my Martini advert and at the St Abbs splash-in I was runner up with my snake charmer.

Photosub Splash-in
Winner - August 2006

Conditions were somewhat challenging for the Photosub Splash-in weekend in Brixham, Devon, but even a force 8 gale and torrential rain couldn't dampen our spirits. The vis was'nt anything to write home about, but I managed to clinch first place with this shot of tubeworms.

Wetpixel POTW
Runner up - Blue- May 2006

Wetpixel POTW
Winner - Crabs - May 2006

I have been entering Wetpixel's 'Picture of the Week' competiion for some time now and the standard is always really high, so I'm very excited to have won for the first time this week.
For full details of this competition have a look at: Wetpixel POTW

Brochure cover

Longwood Holidays

Longwood's new diving brochure is hot off the press, and I was really excited that I had the main front picture. Plenty of other pictures can be found inside. The brochure is also available online for download. Longwood Dive Brochure.


Art of Diving

Guest photographer

I was delighted to be invited as a guest photographer on the Art of Diving website. The gallery is in the members area. Owners of the book can register online. The Art of Diving.

BSoUP In-Focus cover

May 2006 issue

BSAC Travel Club
Runner-up - April 2006

For the first time this year I have been placed in BSAC's monthly photo competition. Full details of how to enter and previous winners can be found here: BSAC Travel Club

Dive Magazine cover

April 2006 issue

Jordan Advertising Campaign

Aqaba will be running an annual advertising campaign during 2006 which features pictures taken during my time there in December.

Longwood Holidays

Longwood Holidays are using my picture of an anemone fish for their 2005/2006 advertising campaign.

BSoUP Open Portfolio

21st December 2005

I was absolutely delighted to win the prestigious BSoUP Open Portfolio which is sponsored by DIVE magazine. Full details of the pictures can be found on the BSoUP website. Click here to view.

Aqaba, Jordan

5 - 12 December 2005

Iwould like to thank the guys at the Alcazar and SeaStar Watersports for a wonderful week. The diving in Aqaba was absolutely stunning. Plenty of photo opportunities from wrecks to great macro... and I got to see my first ever toad fish. A new gallery has been added to the menu. Click here to view.

International Underwater Photography Competition, Sardinia

21st - 23rd October, 2005

This year I joined fellow British snappers Alan James and Will Postlethwaite on the panel of judges for the anual underwater photography competition in Sardinia. The weekend was a great success. Congratuations to Ian Lightfoot who won the wide angle and Ken Sullivan who was runner up on macro. A full report will be in the February issue of DIVE magazine.

Dive Magazine cover

September 2005 issue


Dive Magazine cover

April 2005 issue

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